United Artist Facing Health Disabilities

United Artist Facing Health Disabilities

Having sound health is crucial for all living beings. United artists like Michelangelo, Francisco Gola, Paul Klee are some of the top and famous people when it comes to the artist and their talents. When you think of the artist, you will usually think only about the skills, vision and creativity. However, there are certain things more crucial than these aspects as well. They should sound healthy, and only this will help them to be creative and exhibit their skills. However, some artists are physically ill, but they manage to contribute to the art. These three people are such gifted ones and play a vital role as an artist.

Name of the Artist Facing Disablities


Experts disagree with Michelangelo suffering from osteoarthritis or gout. However, either way, the famous painter and sculptor recorded that he had more trouble with the hands. He also experiences pain in both the limited function and mobility in these feet and hands. Apart from that, the artist was plagued with stone in the kidney, which does not point toward gout being the diagnosis. It may be osteoarthritis or gout, he continued to chisel, hammer and paint until he was 89. Even certain people blame the disability over the health issues on the strain he had over the body. The repetitive usage may also lead to the damages in the joint. On the other side, the doctors recommended that if you have arthritis, the best thing you can do is keep moving the joints. Physiotherapy or recreational activity can help you live longer with sound health.

Francisco Gola

Goya is one of the best painters in history, and he is inspiring so many people. However, the biography divides the painting in his carrier into two parts. Experts also believe that Goya was highly suffering from the neurological problems from syphilis, and he also suffered from issues like dizziness, hearing loss, headache, visual problems and even mobility issues in the right hand. All the health problems led to the period of depression and he also lost weight due to the pain from the health issues. Eventually, he becomes deaf as well. However, his world of visual art never came to an end. His earlier paintings were found to be more realistic, but his illness also progressed on the other hand. This made his art to become more dramatic and imaginative. It can be concluded that the illness did not limit his abilities, but it transformed him highly.

Paul Klee

Paul Klee was a painter, philosopher and poet as well. He created a great number of paintings and sketches of a surreal nature in this lifetime. Although he was German, his artwork has a strong connection with the surrealist artists of Paris in the 1920s and 1930s. When creating a prolific amount of work, he started to suffer from the mysterious illness in 1935. The symptoms were skin changes and the problem with these internal organs. He finally died because of this illness in 1940, but till his death, the medical world could not identify the strange illness. After a decade, in the 1940s the medical professionals gave the game name for the illness as scleroderma. They also found that he was suffering from the rare, strange and complicated issue. It is estimated that the style and themes of 90 of his later works were influenced by the illness he was suffering from. Even with this unknown, the systemic disease to fill his art with spirituality.

The Expectation From Makeup Artist During the Pandemic

The pandemic period has reshaped the life of the people in various fields drastically. When it comes to makeup artists, they also undergo several expectations from the others. They should wear PPE, as it's crucial to prevent spreading of the disease when they come to close contact with the others. Appropriate PPE from the makeup artists will include the face shield or the mask with protective glasses, apron and gloves. These are the disposable face masks that will be changed in between each client and outside of the visor or glasses sanitized with the alcohol. The artist also should not touch the phones or any other insanities surface when they are wearing the gloves. It is in the aim to prevent contamination.

Additional expectations

Along with these, several other additional expectations will lead to being the common practice like staying away from the bacteria. As the virus can spread through the droplets of saliva, they should maintain some distance and wear the mask to prevent the spreading of the virus. Based on the severity of the issue, they should also follow other safety measures for the wellness of them and their clients.

Final thoughts

These three people have proved that disability is not the factor that will prevent the growth of the person and their talent. Further, following the right procedure to stay healthy will help in sound living.